CCGHR Principles Adopted in CIHR Framework for Action on Global Health Research


Last week the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) released it’s much awaited Framework for Action on Global Health Research 2021-2026. This framework is the result of extensive consultation and engagement, including several in-person and virtual consultations hosted across Canada by the Coalition.

3.0The framework recognizes that Canada’s approach to global health research has evolved over the years, with the launch of the framework firmly positioning CIHR in a new era – what they are calling “Global Health 3.0″.  Among other things, this new chapter in Canadian global health research aims to empower Canadian researchers to strengthen coherence in research, promote evidence-informed decision making, & cultivate international collaborations to drive mutual benefits from global research and innovation.

Importantly, as part of this framework CIHR has formally adopted the CCGHR principles for global health research as a best practice in conducting global health research.

“The CCGHR Principles provide an equity-centered framework and invite researchers to question their assumptions and roles in the global health research process. To foster a culture of excellence, CIHR formally adopts the CCGHR Principles framework as a best practice in conducting global health research and will implement mechanisms to ensure that they are followed by researchers where relevant and appropriate.” – CIHR Framework 2021-2026

This is a landmark achievement that is the result of persistent and dynamic leadership from the CCGHR. 

Download the CIHR Framework (pdf)