The COVID-19 vaccines were a hot topic of debate for some time. Today, the controversy over getting the boosters is also something you will hear people talking about. In many regards, there was a power play in place to get people to complete these vaccines. The goal was to lower the risk of people getting COVID-19. With record numbers of illness and death all over the globe, the pandemic was out of control.


Many government entities didn’t want to strong arm anyone into getting the COVID-19 vaccines. Instead, they made it widely available at walk-in locations and drive-thru locations. Some entities offered gift cards or the chance to win a prize through a drawing if you got vaccinated. Social media was full of people proudly displaying on their profiles when they got their shots.

Required by Employers and Medical Professionals

Not everyone was sold on the vaccination process. Some due to their own beliefs and others due to health conditions. However, they felt it was a power play by their employer or their medical professionals. They were angry because they were backed into a corner. They didn’t want to lose their jobs, and some places set a deadline. If you weren’t fully vaccinated by that date you were let go without exception.

Others found their medical providers would only continue to see them if they were current on all vaccinations. Then it moved to the same outcome with the boosters. The medical professionals weren’t going to take any chances, they didn’t want anyone in their offices that weren’t doing their part to end this pandemic.

Recreational Events

Spending time with recreational activities is something we all missed during quarantine from COVID-19. We took them for granted, and when they resumed, we were ready to take part in them. However, many people were stopped in their tracks. They couldn’t go to concerts or sporting events without proof of vaccination. They had to take a physical or digital card along with a photo ID to get into these events.

Even getting on an airplane wasn’t possible without proof of vaccination and getting your temperature checked at the gate. Most people didn’t mind, they actually were thankful for the extra precautions. Others were outraged, feeling like their rights were being violated. They were being forced by their government and other entities to get the COVID-19 vaccines. Otherwise, they were like outcasts in society and very limited to where they could go.

Peer Pressure

The vaccine power play was also happening on personal levels. Peer pressure was rampant throughout the pandemic. Co-workers would shame those that dared not to get the vaccine but continued to come to work. Many family members were arguing with each other. They didn’t want to be around those who didn’t take the issue seriously. It divided families for the holiday gatherings.

No matter what side of the fence you were on when it comes to the topic of COVID-19 vaccines, we all have to agree we are thankful the spread of it has lessened. There are still new strains out there but hopefully, enough people are vaccinated to reduce the risk of serious illness or death due to them.