About the SYP Network:


The CCGHR Students and Young Professionals Network (SYPN) brings together students and young professionals contributing to global health research efforts in Canada and abroad. The CCGHR SYPN is made up of over 100 SYP Coalition members, in addition to the many SYPs we connect within our work, studies and networking activities.

The SYPN was brought together in 2014 to formally represent Coalition members who are students and young professionals. This was an important step in recognizing the unique needs and interests of SYPs and acting on the opportunity to build capacities among this subset of the CCGHR membership.

SYPN Vision

To build the Canadian global health community by improving the competencies and connections of SYPs involved in, or interested in, global health research and practice.

SYPN Mission

By delivering innovative resources and services, our mission is to make the CCGHR SYP Network the ‘go to’ platform for personal and professional development for SYPs involved in global health research activities.

Strategic Objectives

1) Capacity building: Facilitate education and training initiatives to ensure CCGHR SYPs are equipped with key competencies essential for global health research and practice.

2) Networking: Facilitate the development of a robust community of students and young professionals interested in global health by building both intra and inter-university connections and networks.

What we do:

The SYPN Executive works to facilitate networking and capacity-building activities for the SYPN through the following activities:

CCGHR Student Chapters

Over the 2015-2016 academic year, the CCGHR SYPN Executive has supported the development of new Student Chapters across Canada, publishing the CCGHR Student Chapter Guide and hosting webinars for interested students.

A CCGHR Student Chapter is a student-led initiative designed to foster research and networking in global health among University students across all disciplines and at all levels of university study. Its goal is to bring together students interested in global health research and provide a collaborative environment to enhance learning through educational discussions, seminars, and social networking. To date, CCGHR Student Chapters have been established at Brock University, McMaster University, University of Toronto, Waterloo University, Western University, University of Calgary, and York University . If you’re interested in learning more about a specific Student Chapter, their contact info can be found here. Alternatively, you can contact us and we’d be happy to connect you!

The CCGHR Student Chapters collaborated to host the 2nd CCGHR Undergraduate Global Health Forum in February 2015, with a theme of empowering sustainable initiatives in global health research that build local state capacities.


Members of the SYPN Executive worked with the Canadian Society for International Health’s SYP group, MentorNet, to host the first SYP Global Health Summit prior to the 2014 Canadian Conference on Global Health (CCGH). The Summit was designed to bring together SYPs in global health from across Canada to foster networking, learning, and collaboration. The SYPN Executive helped to plan and coordinate the most recent SYP Summit in November 2015, including a networking and social event – “Sips with SYPs”.

SYP Blog

The SYP blog provides a unique opportunity for student and early career researchers to a) gain exposure and showcase their work publicly; b) develop ideas and share reflections on the most pressing global health issues; c) receive constructive feedback on their writing through our peer review process; and d) engage in meaningful discussions with both emerging and senior global health experts. The SYP blog is hosted on the CCGHR website, which serves a diverse network of global health researchers and practitioners, at all career stages. Blog posts could be based on student coursework, fieldwork/practicum experiences, original research, or critical reflections on contemporary issues in global health.