Webinar on Beyond Climate Change: Creating Healthy ‘One Planet’ Communities


The CCGHR Working Group on Climate Change and Health is pleased to invite you to the first event in our 2020 Fall Webinar Series!

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Date: TuesdaySeptember 22, 2020

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT 

Where: Zoom

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81% of Canadians and well over half of humanity live in cities. It has been argued that “cities already are and must continue to be leaders in the vitally important task of ‘living well within the limits of this one small planet’. Cities have a sophisticated understanding of the purpose of government and the process of governance—to prioritise human development and quality of life over economic development” [Trevor Hancock in “Conversations for a One Planet Region”] 

The One Planet approach, when married with the Healthy Cities ands Communities approach, provides us with the opportunity to address the ecological and social determinants of health at the local level.

  This webinar is intended to:

   • Link the Anthropocene, the ecological determinants of health and One Planet Living;

   • Introduce the ecological footprint and its measurement at a local level;

   • Introduce the One Planet approach and its health co-benefits.

Given that the CCGHR’s 29 member universities are located in 20 Canadian cities, the webinar provides an opportunity for the CCGHR membership to learn about how the One Planet Living framework could  be used to expand “climate action” plans in their own cities to address broader eco-social issues, and how they might contribute to these local initiatives.


Trevor Hancock is an internationally recognized public health physician, and one of the creators of the Healthy Cities and Communities movement. He is a retired professor and senior scholar at the University of Victoria School of Public Health and Social Policy. He is on the editorial board of Cities and Health and is a columnist for a daily newspaper in Victoria.  He is actively engaged in climate action in his own region and has recently created a new local NGO to support the goal of creating a “One Planet Region in Victoria BC”. 

Cora Hallsworth manages municipal programs at the BCIT Ecocity Centre and as a Senior Associate of the One Earth Initiative, she is leading One Planet Saanich. Cora is committed to a sustainable future through holistic systems thinking, collaboration and science-based planning. She has expertise in measurement tools and planning frameworks for sustainability such as the “ecoCity Footprint Tool” – a tool that enable assessment of community ecological footprints and Consumption-Based Emissions Inventories and the One Planet Living Framework.

Additional information:

Following a brief introduction (by the webinar organizer, Vic Neufeld), the presentations will begin with Trevor Hancock introducing the One Planet Living concept, followed by Cora Hallsworth who will describe the One Planet Saanich Initiative and the use of measurement strategies. Trevor will then conclude with action ideas to consider. We plan to allocate about 20 minutes for questions and discussion, using the “chat box” facility on the Zoom platform.

Of special note: 

Registrants for this webinar will receive a “preparation guide” with recommended readings and websites, and most importantly with questions to consider prior to the webinar event.

Organizer: Vic Neufeld