Spotlight on the summer KT course evaluation

KT Course Eval Photo Final

by Alexandra Otis

In July 2020, the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (CCGHR) launched a Knowledge Translation (KT) Summer Course for CCGHR Students and Young Professionals (SYPs) members. Funded by the CCGHR and Integrated Knowledge Translation Research Network (IKTRN), this 13-week online course offered a unique learning opportunity that updated and expanded upon the CCGHR’s 2012 KT Curriculum. Katrina Plamondon was leading the training over the summer, accompanied by Emily Kocsis, the course coordinator, and course mentors Jill Allison, Shafi Bhuiyan, Nelly Oelke, Shawna O’Hearn, and Vic Neufeld.

Over 29 learners from across the globe engaged in the virtual course. Zoom and Slack were used as the primary online platforms for course delivery and communication. Learners also participated in weekly directed readings and activities to develop their understanding of the equity-informed knowledge translation, and applied this through practical COVID-19 case studies. Upon completion, students received a certificate from the CCGHR.

A formal evaluation of the course content and delivery is also ongoing, led by Davina Banner and myself in collaboration with Rupinder Chera, David Walugembe, and Vic Neufeld. Davina currently works as an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing at the University of Northern British Columbia and has a special interest in integrated knowledge translation and patient engagement. A multi-method evaluation strategy was developed to capture the insights of learners, mentors, and others to inform the ongoing development and revision of the KT curriculum and course delivery. Evaluation activities included the use of an online questionnaire at the mid-course and end of course period, in addition to a follow up interview/focus group with learners and mentors upon completion of the course.

Based on the success of this course offering, the team will develop the CCGHR KT Course and plans to offer it at regular intervals over the coming years. PhD candidate, David Walugembe, will also assist with developing a revised course.


Alexandra Otis, MSc RD, is a National Research Coordinator in Public Health. She is passionate about global health, marginalized populations and health equity. She completed her undergraduate studies in Nutrition and her Masters in Global Health from the University of Montreal. She previously worked as a CCGHR Project Officer and she now participates in the KT Course Evaluation as an evaluation assistant. Feel free to connect with her via email (