Gathering Perspectives: A Shared Vision for Global Health Research


Phase 1 – Project Background

In May 2013 the CCGHR launched the first phase of our Gathering Perspectives project to ask the question ‘what role should research play in a pan-Canadian vision for global health?’ Over the remainder of 2013, we convened several dialogues bringing together stakeholders in our global health research community to address this question. We invited conversations about what the principles of equity, effectiveness, and engagement look like in practice; what they’d be excited to see happen in global health research in the next generation; and what needs to happen in order to achieve this vision.

We had an overwhelming response in both face-to-face dialogues and via online discussions through blogs and social media. Phase 1 of the project wrapped up in October 2013 and project findings are available here.

Phase 2 – Shaping a Shared Future by Responding to What We Heard

Based on the outcomes of our initial study, the CCGHR received funding in early 2014 to support a second phase of the project that would help us respond to the ideas raised during Phase 1. In June 2014, we launched Phase 2 of the project with a focus on the following three objectives:

  1. Support global health researchers to navigate a changing funding landscape;
  2. Elaborate a set of principles that should guide Canadians involved in global health research; and
  3. Share our findings through engaged knowledge translation strategies.



The CCGHR would like to thank the Global Health Research Initiative (GHRI) and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) for their support of the Gathering Perspectives Study.