AfHRF Leadership Development Learning Modules

african-health-research-forumLeadership Development Learning Modules

AfHRF_logoBetween 2005 and 2007, the African Health Research Forum (AfHRF) ran a Fellowship Program focused on leadership development. This pilot program, supported by the International Development Research Centre, strengthened leadership and management capacities in researchers and research users in four African countries (Benin, Mali, Uganda, Zambia).

As part of the pilot program, the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research worked together with the AfHRF, as well as colleagues in Africa and Canada to design a series of Learning Modules. These learning modules complemented the interests and work of the program participants in various areas of global health research and are useful for others developing leadership in global health research.

  1. Self Development: The importance of leadership in health research and methods to actively improve individual capacity to lead and manage research and people.
  2. Team Work in African Health Research: The central role teams play in health research, the manner by which they are built and maintained, and the opportunity ICTs offer.
  3. Facilitating Institutional Change: The support systems for institutions as they become knowledge oriented and better able to respond to new ideas and engage multiple research stakeholders.
  4. Coalition and Network Building: The multiple mechanisms which bring people together to actively share research, work on a shared problem or goal, and extend the impact of their work.
  5. National Health Research Systems: The significant national structures, institutions and mechanism which are vital to support research and a broader knowledge culture in Africa.
  6. Linking Research to Action: The importance of bridging the ‘know-do’ gap, the strategies and experiences from Africa.
  7. Equity-oriented Health Research: The role of equity in health research as a underlying concept which impacts research design as well as use.
  8. Advocacy and Resource Mobilization: The activities which help foster understanding and support for health research in Africa.


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