Cameroon Research Ethics

Ethical clearance for biomedical research in Cameroon can be obtained from National or institutional ethics committees.

The Cameroon Ministry of Public Health created the Cameroon National Ethics Committee (CNEC) in 1987 to review biomedical research conducted in Cameroon. Since then a number of other national and institutional review boards have been created; however, the CNEC handles the largest number of protocols.

General Research Ethics Resources:

Information on other ethics review boards in Cameroon can be found here:

The requirements for an application for ethical clearance from the CNEC can be found here: Requirements for Ethics Approval_National Ethics Committee_Fr (PDF, 1.7 Mb)

The requirements for an application for administrative clearance from the Ministry of Public Health can be found here: Requirements for Administrative Approval_Ministry of Public Health_Fr  (PDF, 708 Kb)

More information on Biomedical Research Ethics in Cameroon can be found here:


Local Research Ethics Experts:

For detailed information from research ethics experts, please visit  TRREE stands for Training and Resources in Research Ethics Evaluation, and provides free access to research ethics evaluation and learning resources.

A collaboration between both south and north researchers, part of TRREE’s work is focused on national supplements, providing detailed country modules created by local ethics experts.  For a detailed explanation of the research ethics context in Cameroon, please visit the following links on TRREE’s website:


Canadian Research Ethics Links:


International Research Ethics Links:



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