Global Health Curricula in Canada

The document for download below offers a complete list, as of spring 2013, of non-clinical Baccalaureate and Master’s degree programs offered at Canadian universities that have a focus in global health. This focus may be in the form of a global health degree program, major, concentration, specialization, or particular course offerings within another degree program.

The document is designed to be easily navigable, allowing students interested in studying global health to efficiently search available programs. Information provided is not meant to replace official program information, but rather provide a starting point from which students may research programs of interest more deeply. For this reason links to program websites are always provided.

By selecting any of the options below, students may read about:

  • Schools and Program Summaries: A complete list of Canadian global health programs, organized by province and university. This list is designed to give students a broad picture of university-level global health education in Canada. It may allow students to narrow down their list of potential programs based on location, university, and type of degree offered. Each university offering global health programs has its own page, expanding on the list of programs via summary tables on each program. Summaries include a link to the program website, and information on program length, description, learning objectives, and content. Information is also provided on the global health component of the program and on any mentorship structures present.
  • Centres, Institutes, and Offices: A complete list of global health Centres, Institutes, and Offices located at Canadian Universities with links to relevant websites. This list is designed to help students choose a university that has an institution devoted to global health activities on campus (i.e. research, networking, field experiences), regardless of whether or not a degree program in global health is offered.

Click below to download this document in PDF format:

Global Health Curriculum Survey (2013)

Note: For programs offered in French, no summary table is provided. Instead, a direct link to the program website is included.

All information (with the exception of the York University undergraduate program in Global Health) was collected and compiled from respective university websites to ease the process of selecting a university global health program. Information provided in quotations was directly transferred from the relevant website.

Thank you to Clarke Cole for developing this resource as part of an undergraduate research project at McMaster University.