Q & A Series

Our Q & A Series is edited by members of our Students & Young Professionals Network. It’s an opportunity to get senior global health professionals to share about their global health experience. Questions are related to motivations for engaging in global health, the role of research, and career advice for those new to the field.

We encourage you to submit your own Q&A idea to have it published on the CCGHR website! This is a unique opportunity to:

  • Get to know a professor, a mentor or colleague you’re inspired by and interested in learning more about, rather than relying on a cold-call!
  • Practice your interview skills for future research endeavours
  • Share your interview with our entire network


We will guide interested members through the Q & A production process. Only 5 easy steps:

  • Who would you like to interview? This could be someone you’ve taken a course from, a mentor, colleague, or peer who has an interesting global health story to share! Pro tip: Search the CCGHR Members Directory according to your interest areas to find potential interviewees.
  • Submit your idea to sypn@ccghr.ca before you get started. We will provide detailed instructions and connect you with an email introduction if useful.
  • Contact your potential interviewee to see if they could give you 20 minutes of their time. If so, find a mutually convenient time to meet-up in person, talk on the phone, or Skype!
  • There are 3 mandatory questions we’d like answered in all Q&As, but aside from those, the interview is totally up to you! Prepare following the SYPN interview guide and put your active listening skills to work.
  • Send us your completed interview for copy editing and content approval by the interviewee. We will endeavour to post it within 4 weeks of submission.

Past Q&As

Students & Young Professionals Network

Q & A with Cherie Enns, May 29, 2020 – On community and international perspectives, urban planning as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic and pursuing a career in sustainable development. Interview by Julia Chalmers.

Q & A with Brian Cameron, January 8, 2019 – On the importance of facing health inequities head on, following your passions, and how to get started. Interview by Julia Pemberton.

Q & A with Jerry Spiegel, February 19, 2018 – On solidarity with Cuba, when building on your own experiences can help you, and how to seek quality partnerships and relationships in global health research. Interview by Nicole Spence.

Q & A with Stephanie Nixon, March 6, 2018 - On the importance of self-reflection as a global health practitioner, how global health work is done at home, and issues of oppression and privilege. Interview by the CCGHR SYPN Professional Development Team.

Q & A with Annalee Yassi, October 26, 2017 – On ethics in global health research, the link between clinical care and the social and environmental determinants of health, and why humility is key. Interview by Nicole Spence.

Q & A with Donald Cole, September 2017 - On the importance of thinking about health in the context of multiple systems, species and contexts, and engaging in the cascade of global health research mentorship. Interview by the CCGHR SYPN Professional Development Team.