University Advisory Council

The University Advisory Council (UAC) was launched in 2010 to foster greater collaboration and coordination among Canadian universities that are CCGHR institutional members, serving as a platform to move the global health research agenda forward nationally. Representatives from our 25+ member universities meet in person every year, they connect virtually on a quarterly basis and participate in issue-based working groups to discuss common interests, challenges and future goals.

Current activities

  • Collaborating with other CCGHR committees to organize regional Coalition Institutes focused on capacity-building and networking (in Ontario in 2016).
  • Encouraging curriculum sharing and preparing lists of courses with materials relevant to global health research that could be shared among colleagues in UAC member universities.
  • Fostering a transdisciplinary research approach to the deeply complex problems in global health and supporting the growth of such research teams.
  • Exchanging on internationalization policies and strategies, within the broader framework of “social accountability.”

UAC Chair

Katrina Plamondon, University of British Columbia

Susan Elliott, University of Waterloo

Supported by Vic Neufeld, Special Advisor to the CCGHR

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