Country Partnerships Program


To improve health outcomes in designated partner countries through strengthened, more equitable health and health research systems.

As an integral component of the Coalition’s group of Capacity Development programs, the Country Partnerships Program (CPP) builds upon several years of groundwork by the CCGHR and its partners.

The Challenge

Too often the long-term sustainability of national efforts aimed at improving health outcomes are compromised by national health systems that are not performing as effectively and efficiently as possible. In many countries, this is because:

  • financial and human resources for health (HRH) are insufficient to meet the health needs of the population the system serves;
  • individual, institutional and “system” capacities to produce, translate or use policy-relevant information and knowledge to improve health outcomes need strengthening;
  • there is a “know-do” gap at the system level, where existing evidence is not systematically used to inform programming and decision-making;
  • there is insufficient harmonization, coordination and partnership between “northern” (including Canadian) and “southern” actors that fund, produce and use health research.

Program Components and Intended Outcomes

The CPP includes three components, each with specific intended outcomes. These are summarized below:

  1. In Low & Middle-Income Countries: Health outcomes of target populations in Bolivia, Mali, Mongolia and Zambia will be improved through strengthened individual, institutional and system-level capacities for evidence-based performance.
  2. In Canada: Canadian contributions to health-related MDG’s in the four ‘partner countries’ will be enhanced due to increased harmonization of Canadian inputs, increased Canadian engagement and a strong cadre of Canadian leaders.
  3. Globally: The global body of knowledge about health system strengthening in developing countries will be enriched by strong and replicable models and practices of “south-north” collaboration.

This program reflects a long-standing goal of the Coalition to make a distinctive Canadian contribution to strengthening national health research systems in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). The CPP has evolved from the earlier “Country Focus Strategy (CFS)” and the Task Group on Strengthening National Health Research Systems (SNHRS). It is now an integral component of the Coalition’s Capacity Development program area.

The Country Partnerships Program (CPP) has three components:

  1. partnering & networking;
  2. strengthening knowledge capacities;
  3. managing knowledge for use;

Country teams

CPP activities are focused on four countries. Details about the work of each of the “country-Canada” teams can be found by following the headings below.


Ken Bassett
Colleen Davison

For further information about the CPP, please contact the co-chairs or