Capacity Building

The Coalition works actively to develop capacities to support relevant equity-oriented research and its effective use, helping to reduce the “know-do gap”. We focus on catalyst competencies, including mentorship and leadership, knowledge translation, and partnering and networking. Read more >

Country Partnerships

The Coalition is committed to coordination efforts to ensure that Canada-supported health researchers contribute to the strengthening of national health research systems in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). In three of these countries: Zambia, Tanzania, and Ghana, dynamic Country Partnerships with Canada have evolved and continue to thrive. Read more >

Harmonized Metrics

The Coalition and McGill University, along with the participation of HealthBridge, Université Laval and the Regroupement stratégique en santé mondiale of the Réseau de recherche en santé des populations du Québec partnered on a project to strengthen women’s and children’s health (WaCH) metrics globally. This project maintains that better creation, sharing and use of knowledge among all stakeholders is fundamental to addressing WaCH challenges. Innovative capacity development, connecting academia and civil society (CSOs) in Canada and in partner countries, will be essential to make this happen. Read more >

Policy and Advocacy

The Coalition engages with key policy actors and the public to raise awareness about our country’s leading role in global health and the importance of research in the field. Our goal is to promote strategic, equity-centred and evidence-informed investments in global health. We are knowledge translators and brokers committed to broad-based dialogue. Read more >

Students & Young Professionals Network

The Students and Young Professionals Network (SYPN) aims to help interested youth expand their knowledge and experiences in global health through educational opportunities and career skills development. The SYPN provides professional development, networking, and learning opportunities through an engaging network of like-minded youth. Read more >

University Advisory Council

The University Advisory Council (UAC) was launched in 2010 to foster greater collaboration and coordination among Canadian universities that are CCGHR institutional members, serving as a platform to move the global health research agenda forward nationally. Representatives from our member universities and institutes meet regularly to participate in issue-based working groups to discuss common interests, challenges and future goals. Read more >

Working Group on Climate Change and Health

The Working Group on Climate Change and Health (WGCCH) was launched in 2018 in recognition of the urgency of addressing challenges at the intersection of health and climate change. The mandate of the Working Group is to identify knowledge gaps through CCGHR individual and institutional members, to communicate the current state of knowledge, and raise awareness of drivers for and changes in climate-related health. Read more >