Call for Nominations: Vic Neufeld Mentorship Award in Global Health Research

In global health research, because it spans disciplines and places, mentorship is increasingly recognized as critical to the development of new generations of scholars. This award is intended to recognize those who have provided exemplary mentorship to new and developing global health researchers. Nominations will be accepted until Sept. 26, 2019. Read more >


Gaining Perspective in Global Health Research

Harini P. Aiyer, a PhD student at the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology at the University of Saskatchewan, received a travel bursary from CCGHR to gain practical skills in global health through a summer course at UBC. Her professional journey took several turns to ultimately lead her to study how technology can improve the health of marginalized communities. Read more >


Broaden your knowledge about global health

Are you looking to stay abreast of the latest global health trends? Are you looking for opportunities to strengthen your knowledge on global health issues whether it is to improve your job prospects or simply for pleasure? There are academic institutions and organizations that offer courses to help you develop, build, or refresh your knowledge and/or skills for professional development. Read more >