Methods for Global Health Equity Webinar Series

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The Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research is pleased to invite you to take part in the Methods for Global Health Equity Webinar Series!

The webinar series, organized and hosted by the University of Western Ontario’s CCGHR group, aim to inspire creativity, discussion, and critical reflection on why and how the methods we adopt in global health research can enact or undermine our commitments to equity and social change. Five researchers and their teams, over five months, will explain why and how they implemented specific methodological strategies, with what outcomes. A brief quiz (3 items) can be completed by participants if they so choose at the end of each webinar on that webinar’s content. Upon successful completion of a quiz, an attendee can opt to print a certificate of participation in the webinar.

The next webinar session, entitled “Rapid Qualitative Research in Public Health Emergencies: Lessons Learned from the ‘Triaging Care During Covid-19′ Study”, will be held on April 28th at 12:00 pm ET (Zoom ID: 990 6840 8822).

For more information, please see the attached poster.