Knowledge translation short course offering for SYPs


The CCGHR is proud to offer an unique learning opportunity to SYP members this summer: an online short-course focused on knowledge translation. The 11-week course will task students with working through the nine lessons of the CCGHR’s 2012 Knowledge Translation Curriculum. Through weekly readings and writing prompts students will develop their understanding of the knowledge translation process, providing a comprehensive understanding of KT theory. Students will also have the opportunity to apply KT concepts/themes to a practical case study related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Upon finishing the course, students will receive a verified certificate from the CCGHR indicating course completion.

This opportunity is open to a maximum of 25 SYPs, so interested students should express their interest in joining the course by writing to the SYPN Coordinator (sypn@ccghr.caby 5:00 PM EDT on July 3rd, 2020. We will accept students on a first come first served basis.

Format: Eleven-week course; each week corresponds to a particular lesson in the curriculum. Students will work independently through the lesson each week but will come together with mentors to discuss key concepts/themes and provide feedback on the learning experience practically. This mini “tutorial group” will meet weekly for ~2 hours depending on student needs.

Timing: July 7th – September 15th, 2020. Students must be able to commit to participating the entire duration of the course.

Tutorial meetings: weekly, Tuesday 10AM-12PM EDT

Time commitment: ~8-10 hours per week

CCGHR membership: participants must be active SYP members of the CCGHR upon course initiation. To register, or renew your membership with the CCGHR, please visit:

Certification: Upon finishing the course, students will receive a certificate from the CCGHR indicating course completion.


  • Week 1 (July 7): Introductory meeting & orientation
  • Week 2 (July 14): Knowledge Translation: The Basics
  • Week 3 (July 21): The “knowledge” of knowledge translation
  • Week 4 (July 28): At the Interface of Research and Policy
  • Week 5 (August 4): KT Approaches and Tools
  • Week 6 (August 11): An Introduction to Deliberation
  • Week 7 (August 18): Stakeholder Analysis
  • Week 8: (August 25): Political Context Analysis
  • Week 9 (September 1): Priority Setting: The Basics
  • Week 10 (September 8): Interpretive Priority Setting Processes
  • Week 11 (September 15): Final case study review & course evaluation

Note: the curriculum is only available in English, but we welcome French speaking students to the course!