You’re invited: CCGHR SYP JARC online consultation session


Do you want to shape the future of a new Canadian global health organization?

In August 2019, the Boards of the Canadian Society for International Health (CSIH) and Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (CCGHR) met to explore options for greater collaboration and possible amalgamation through the creation of the Joint Amalgamation Review Committee (JARC), with the idea that a single Canadian global health organization could provide a unified voice for greater impact.

The JARC is committed to strong membership engagement and we want to ensure an active and meaningful presence and voice from both individual and institutional members, including youth, students and young professionals (SYP).

To add your input and voice, join the CCGHR SYP JARC online consultation session on Sept 17th, 2020 from 5:30 to 7:30pm EST.

This is an opportunity to reflect on the mandate of a new amalgamated global health organization, and how practically, this organization should meaningfully engage with and include youth and SYP members.

Consultation questions include:

  1. What are some practical ways a new global health organization can help you as a student and young professional (or youth) in global health?
  2. What are ways you would like to contribute to a Canadian global health organization and its vision?
  3. How do you see yourself partaking in advocacy as a SYP in global health? How can a new amalgamated global health organization assist in making this a reality?
  4. What tools are currently lacking in the Canadian global health space for the capacity- building of SYPs in global health?
  5. How, practically can this organisation ensure diversity and inclusion, especially as it pertains to youth?


RSVP by Sept 15!