Students & Young Professionals Network seeks leaders to join Executive


Who are we?

The CCGHR is a network of people committed to promoting better and more equitable health worldwide through the production and use of knowledge. We are a member-based, not-for-profit organization representing global health students, researchers and practitioners at institutions across Canada and in the Global South. The Students and Young Professionals Network (SYPN) formally represents this category of members. Recognizing that SYP needs and interests are distinct, the network provides a space for SYPs interested in global health research and practice to connect, collaborate and develop skills related to global health.

What is the Executive?

The Coalition’s SYPN is looking for dynamic, motivated leaders to join the Executive team. The SYPN Executive is a volunteer group of students and young professionals who work to support their peers interested in global health research and practice. The Executive manages all aspects of the SYPN, including providing programming to the Coalition’s 150+ SYP members, as well as its 10 student chapters. Want to learn more about the SYPN, and what the Executive does? Read more about our programming  and learn about the Network’s 2016-2018 team of Executives.

Positions available

Professional Development Executive (2 volunteer positions)

  • Moderate and engage with members on the CCGHR SYPN Facebook Forum to tailor content to meet their professional development needs and interests
  • Seek professional development opportunities and resources to share with members
  • Promote and manage the CCGHR SYPN Professional Application Service
  • Manage the CCGHR SYPN Q&A series with global health experts, recruiting SYPs to conduct interviews and supporting them through the publication process
  • Write professional development blog posts for the CCGHR website
  • Facilitate networking between CCGHR members by guiding SYPs on how to host a local event, with examples of activities that are fun and relevant to the target group
  • Collect feedback (using short surveys or other means) from members on each of the developed programs to continue quality improvement and for promotional purposes
  • Collaborate with other executive teams on various programming initiatives and events
  • Provide ongoing updates and coordinate with the SYPN Coordinator and CCGHR Secretariat

Events and Conferences Executives (2 volunteer positions)

  • Support the planning and implementation of the annual undergraduate CCGHR Global Health Student Forum, assisting with the selection of themes, development of an agenda, organizing speakers, and promoting the CCGHR Principles for Global Health Research
  • Support the implementation of travel bursaries or other funding support initiatives for SYPs
  • Coordinate CCGHR SYPN activities at the annual Canadian Conference on Global Health and adjoining Global Health SYPs Summit
  • Develop events, workshops or platforms to link national SYPN membership (e.g. webinars), in collaboration with other SYPN Executives
  • Promote and support planning of local SYPN meet-ups to strengthen local groups
  • Provide ongoing updates and coordinate with the SYPN Coordinator and CCGHR Secretariat

Communications Executive (1 volunteer position)

  • Communicate with SYPN members via social media by: (1) creating a schedule based on planned activities for the year; (2) posting regularly on the SYPN Twitter account; (3) engaging SYPs by live-tweeting at events or conferences
  • Liaise with other SYPN Executives and the CCGHR Secretariat throughout the year to ensure that all activities are broadcast to SYPN members
  • Create and disseminate marketing materials for SYPN events and programming initiatives
  • Develop virtual and physical marketing tools to promote SYP membership
  • Support the SYP Facebook Forum by developing engagement strategies for the community managers to implement
  • Assist with the SYPN blog by reviewing blog submissions and providing feedback to the writer
  • Assist with the Q&A series by formatting the content to match the series design in order to prepare it for presentation on the CCGHR website
  • Collaborate with other SYPN executives to highlight their programming initiatives and leverage social media accounts to promote the benefits of CCGHR SYP membership
  • Provide ongoing updates and coordinate with the SYPN Coordinator and CCGHR Secretariat

Qualifications and expectations

Applicants should be students (at any stage of study: undergraduate, graduate, etc.) or young professionals, and should have an interest in global health research and practice. Previous experience with student chapters considered an asset. Priority will also be given to current CCGHR members. Applicants should be committed to supporting the SYPN for a two-year term. All positions are volunteer, with successful applicants expected to commit 10-15 hours per month to executive activities specific to their position, in addition to the general SYPN activities listed below:

  • Attending quarterly executive committee calls
  • Sharing the network’s outputs locally
  • Developing new opportunities and ideas to expand the network

Benefits of engagement

As a SYPN executive, you will: 1) Work with other students passionate about global health research and will receive mentorship and networking opportunities from senior students, trainees and faculty; 2) Connect with other individuals and organizations working on global health research and practice; 3) Engage with the Canadian global health SYPs community, keeping informed on global health trends and opportunities that impact SYPs interested in pursuing a career in global health; 4) Opportunities for participation in various Coalition working groups.

To apply

Please submit your cover letter and CV in English or French to apply by October 1st, 2018, 11:59 PM EDT (extended deadline) to the CCGHR’s SYPN Coordinator, Emily Kocsis, at If you have any questions about the position or application process, please email us. Shortlisted candidates will be notified for an interview the first week of October.

Download the PDF version of the Call for Applications