Student Chapter Profiles

University of Waterloo Chapter

The University of Waterloo Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (UW-CCGHR) aims to bring together students interested in research as well as future careers in global health, and provides an environment through which they can foster these interests on the University of Waterloo campus and with the surrounding community. Established in August of 2014, the UW Student Chapter is now in its second year and includes students from across all faculties. The chapter executive has a representative from each of the University of Waterloo’s six faculties to encourage multidisciplinary approaches in global health research. The chapter’s most recent accomplishment was hosting the third annual Student Global Health Forum in February 2016, which brought together students and faculty members from various institutions across Ontario. Through this forum, the chapter brought to light innovative approaches and solutions to global health problems, in a format that encouraged learning and mentorship. The UW-CCGHR also pursues ‘glocal’ health sustainability through initiatives that allow members to become involved in the Kitchener-Waterloo community. Previous and current initiatives have encouraged: wheelchair ramp projects, engaging in a local ‘Speak English’ café for newcomers, and helping out the ‘Ontario Gleaners.’ Built on the CCGHR philosophy of respectful partnerships and collaboration, the UW-CCGHR promotes faculty and student interaction by hosting an annual Global Health Networking event in the fall term.

The success of these events demonstrates the importance of relationship building among the global health community and has improved awareness of the local global health resources on campus. At bi-weekly general meetings, the chapter executive presents on current global health topics and engages the student community in discussion. Previous topics have included Ebola, global food insecurity, environment and health, maternal health, Global Health Jeopardy, Sustainable Developmental Goals, and antibiotic resistance. The aim is to cover a variety of topics to fuel the interest of students from all faculties and to demonstrate how global health requires people from all academic backgrounds. The field of global health is always changing and it is our vision to encourage engagement in these topics through collaboration and mentorship between students, faculty members, and other institutions.

Current executive members (2015-2016)

Foram Patel – Co-President

Evan Galasso – Co-President

Jennie Doucet – Vice President of Internal Affairs

Joann Varickanickal – Vice President of External Affairs

Pearl Zaki – Applied Health Science Representative

Kirtsen Lee – Chapter Advisor

Afnan Naeem – Chapter Advisor

Waterloo chapter contact:


University of Toronto (St. George Campus) Chapter

The UofT CCGHR chapter was established in July of 2015, with support from SYP members and CCGHR faculty at the University of Toronto. The chapter is currently organized by 8 executives and has almost 100 student members.

Throughout the 2015-16 year, our goal is to create a platform for discussions regarding current global health issues and related research, accelerating exchange of ideas and insights, and to provide students with opportunities to network with professionals across disciplines. So far, our student chapter has hosted a social networking event where guest speakers from the Dalla Lana School of Public Health shared their own insights and research experiences in global heath. Student attendees had the opportunity to discuss these issues with them and gain new knowledge and fresh perspectives. We also partnered with the UofT International Health Program to support World AIDS Day by promoting awareness of HIV/AIDS and its impact on human welfare globally. Last but not least, we took part in the planning and execution of the annual CCGHR global health forum, hosted at the University of Waterloo on Feb 27th 2016. Moving forward, UofT CCGHR will continue to work on strengthening its connections with students, and collaborating with global health professionals across Ontario to further promote interest in, and awareness of global health research.

Current executive members (2015-2016):

Winston Li – Cofounder/President

Indhu Rammohan – Cofounder/Exec Admin

Charlie Yang – VP Operations

Summer Lee – VP Finance

Ghazal Sondhi – Web Developer

Jenny Huang – Communications

Yvonne Tuan – Events

Kosala Abeygunawardena – Fundraising

U of T Chapter contact:

uoft student chapter

McMaster University Chapter

The McMaster CCGHR student chapter was established in the pilot year 2013-2014 by Sarah Silverberg, Clarke Cole and Christine Wang. We currently have 10 student members, in addition to the McMaster-CCGHR faculty members who are co-chaired by Dr. Lisa Schwartz and Dr. Lydia Kapirir. Our chapter focuses on connecting members to professional development and academic opportunities to develop their skills in global health research through mentorship and knowledge translation activities. Some our activities include biweekly roundtable discussions, creating a global health manual that highlights global health resources and opportunities found both on and off campus. Most recently, our club members helped to plan the 2016 CCGHR Global Health Forum on “Global Health Innovation”. This forum was in collaboration with the CCGHR Student Chapters from the University of Waterloo, Brock University, and the University of Toronto.

Current executive members (2016-2017):

Humaira Nakhuda – President

Alessandra Perciballi – Global Health Agora

Naomi Bender – Communications

Annie Yu – Agora Website Manager

Julia ten Hove – Logistics

Hannah Kearney – Finance

Padmaja Sreeram – Events

Tiffany Got – Events

McMaster chapter contact:

Brock University Chapter

The Brock CCGHR student chapter began when Daniel Korpal, a Brock Alumnus, presented about Global Health to Brock Undergraduate Students at a Med Plus speaker series. Two students, Isabella Churchill and Katie Cheliak were drawn to his presentation and asked how they could become more involved in the field of global health, when he suggested they begin a CCGHR chapter at Brock. Isabella and Katie then co-founded the chapter in the summer of 2014.

Our chapter currently has approximately 15 members, with 7 executives, although our outreach events tend to reach a larger audience.

In November 2015, the Brock CCGHR hosted our first Interdisciplinary Seminar Series. Two faculty members from the Faculty of Health Sciences shared their research experience. Dr. Lynn Rempel in the Department of Nursing shared her research on Vietnamese father’s involvement in their children’s development and Dr. Terry Wade from the Department of Health Sciences shared his research on paediatric cardiovascular health concerns. In addition, Dr. Rempel’s graduate student, Dinara Salaeva presented her findings from a study on predicting infant and father interactions utilizing the data from the Vietnam study. This event allowed students to network with their peers and faculty members.

Current executive members (2016-2017):

Isabella Churchill – Co-President

Katie Cheliak – Co-President

Laura Guirguis – VP Promotions

Kingston Wong – VP Promotions

Shanza Hashmi – VP Logistics and Finance

Kelli Turner – VP Logistics and Finance

Tibyan Ahmed – VP Communication

Brock Chapter Contact: