A Special Opportunity to Contribute to the Global Health Research Community


Following on the success of last year’s fundraising campaign we are once again calling upon your generosity.   This year our goal is to raise $25,000 which will be used to support our Research Officer (RO) position, allowing us to add two days per week to what is currently limited to 1.5 days. The added funds will importantly alter the type and quantity of activities the RO is able to take on and to identify sustainable funding for a full-time position by 2018.

Priority #1: Provide leadership and administrative support for our Student and Young Professional Network (SYPN) 

Over the past year the SYPN has grown exponentially with a doubling of institutional student chapters, and an additional 55 SYPs joining the Coalition as members.  With additional funding the RO will double the amount of time spent on SYPN activities, continuing to build the reputation the network has achieved as the “go to” SYP resource for all things global health in Canada.  


Priority #2: Implement the Coalition’s Global Health Research Directory 

The Directory will promote collaboration both within and between member universities by providing global health research ‘units’ the opportunity to connect and partner with other units working within the field of global health.

Priority #3: Support the work of our Policy and Advocacy Committee

With new federal leadership a window of opportunity has been opened for the Coalition. There is an air of optimism around global health research in Canada. With additional funding, the RO could help the Coalition to assume a lead role in collaborating with funders like CIHR, IDRC, and Global Affairs Canada on new global health research opportunities.

It’s easy to donate!

Just click on “Donate Now” and select one of the following donation categories. You can use a credit card or, if you would prefer to donate by cheque, please make it payable to CCGHR and mail it to the address below.

All donors will receive a charitable tax receipt and special recognition in the Annual Report.

We warmly thank you in advance.

Garry Aslanyan,                      Charles Larson,                                              Roberta Lloyd,

Board Chair                             National Coordinator                                     Coalition Manager