The materials in this section are products that have been made available for anyone  working in the field of global health research.  Some of these materials have been prepared by working groups that are directly associated with the Coalition’s three program areas. Other materials have been prepared by CCGHR theme groups.

Global Health Research Database

The result of a two-phase pilot project that has been developed by the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (CCGHR) with the support of the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), the Harmonization Initiative is an effort to identify who is doing what and where with Canadian global health research dollars. Click here to access the database.

Global Indigenous Health

Social Media for Nonprofits: Guiding Modules

A series of modules on social media use for nonprofits.  20 open access modules were developed in 2013 and launched in 2014 as part of the CCGHR’s broader work around virtual platforms and online engagement. Click here to access 20 downloadable social media modules.

Knowledge Translation



African Health Research Forum Fellowship Program – Leadership Development Learning Modules

Partnerships & Networking

Evaluating Global Health Research for Development

In 2014, CCGHR team led by Vic Neufeld and Donald Cole was awarded a contract by the GHRI to prepare a background paper on the topic of evaluating global health research for development. This work was part of a joint initiative by GHRI and the WHO-based “ESSENCE for health research” group of funders. The initiative includes the background paper, a June 2-3 workshop in Ottawa (where an early version of the background paper was reviewed), and will culminate in the production (sometime in 2015) of a guidelines document that will be part of the ESSENCE Good practice document series. The CCGHR background paper has the title: “Perspectives on Evaluating Global Health Research for Development”. Click here to access this resource.

Global Health Curriculum

A 2013 project documenting the existing undergraduate global health curriculum in Canada. The project includes details on specific programs and courses at universities offering global health as an area of study. Click here to access this resource.