1. To mobilize greater investment and involvement in global health research in Canada and globally through deployment of effective communication and advocacy efforts

2. To continue development and deployment of effective knowledge translation tools

3. To play a key knowledge brokering role by bringing together key actors around particular issues of importance in global health research.



PAC committee activities are broadly organized into three categories:

1) Global Health Research Advocacy

 The PAC committee’s ‘brand’ of advocacy refers to efforts to increase understanding by key policy actors, and the public, of the importance of global health research to Canadians, and to advocate for Canada’s role in global health. Our goal is not to advocate for a particular policy position, but to advocate for strategic investments in global health. The PAC committee’s role is to foster and support dialogues among key actors on current and emerging global health issues. We will accomplish GHR advocacy primarily through the following activities:

  • Refining and implementing a communication strategy that specifies in detail our specific advocacy objectives.
  • Identifying key “audiences” and channels of communication for these audiences.
  • Refining messages tailored to key audiences, and developing specific communication channels when needed.

2) Knowledge Translation (KT)

The development of a knowledge translation toolkit and the inclusion of KT in the Coalition Institutes have been among the the major accomplishments of the Coalition. For the PAC committee, the main task is to enhance and update these tools to ensure their relevance to current and emerging global health issues, as well as to increase learning and practice opportunities. This will be accomplished by engaging in the following activities:

  • Convening a working group to review the current toolkit (learning modules) in light of global developments in KT (e.g., “program science,” or “implementation science”), making additions or revisions as needed to ensure appropriate scope and completeness. 
  • Continuing to support and expand KT learning opportunities, through expansion of the Coalition Summer Institute model.
  • Identifying and communicating areas of policy influence that Coalition-sponsored KT activities have contributed to.

3) Knowledge Brokering

The Coalition PAC committee provides opportunities for members and key policy actors to engage in dialogue around current and emerging GHR issues. It will also develop a strategy, expanding on the GP1 and GP2 processes for engaging in dialogue with a broader set of actors. Knowledge brokering will be accomplished by engaging in the following activities:

  • Deliberate support for events organized at regional, national, and international levels (e.g., conferences, dialogues, institute-style regional forums).
  • Organizing and sponsoring GHR dialogues, bringing together key policy actors in Canada and internationally.


1) CCGHR Speaking Notes that can be used to support meetings with elected officials and other public discussions about the CCGHR, and its role in the Canadian global health landscape.

2) CCGHR Open Letter to Ministers Bibeau and Philpott supports the continued consideration of global health research in Canada’s foreign and health policy efforts. The letter outlines the CCGHR’s vision for Canada’s role in global health research, and can be used in conjunction with the speaking notes for those interested in advocacy work.

3) “How to influence government, make sausage, and not lose friends” is a quick guide to seize the opportunities to provide helpful, informed, evidence-based input to government. This guide can be used by individuals interested in global health research advocacy work in Canada.

4) The “Knowledge Translation Resource Group” (KTRG) is responsible for providing and updating learning materials about knowledge translation.

5) As part of the Gathering Perspectives Studies, an analysis of Canadian funding policies and their implications for global health research was completed. The resultant article, GHR-A Canadian Policy Perspective (Short-Sept 2015) is available here, with highlights available in a poster from the 2015 Canadian Conference on Global Health (CCGH Poster 2015).

Recommended citation (APA): Walters, D., Plamondon, K. & the CCGHR Gathering Perspectives Study 2 Team. (2015, September). Global health research: A Canadian policy perspective. Retrieved from:

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