Coalition-InstituteSummer Institute for New Global Health Researchers

Each year, the CCGHR holds a Summer Institute for New Global Health Researchers (SI) in Canada or in a Low- or Middle-income country and brings together new and experienced global health researchers to strengthen partnerships, build capacity in translating research into action, and to nurture the next generation of global health researchers. Participants come in pairs who are working on their own research projects including a new researcher from Canada and a new researcher from a Low- or Middle-income country.

While each Summer Institute is unique, all of the Summer Institutes are problem based and interactive. The format is based on the principle that the best ways to promote learning are to connect people with a range of individuals with diverse experiences and from different disciplinary backgrounds, and to provide opportunities for participants to spend time with their research partners to apply what they had learnt to their own research projects. To date, the Summer Institutes have been a success.

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Our past Summer Institute’s have included:

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