The Coalition works actively to develop capacities to support relevant research and also to manage, share, translate and use knowledge. We focus on “catalyst competencies” – a Coalition term for those skills within the research process beyond those necessary to undertake the research itself. These include: learning, mentorship and leadership; knowledge translation; and partnering and networking.

The program aims to achieve the following outcomes in the next five years:

  • In Canada: a global health research community that will more effectively promote health research processes, with the aim of advancing equitable health outcomes and approaches;
  • In LMICs: national health research systems in selected LMICs with new and stronger capacity at the individual, institutional and systemic levels, with a particular emphasis on reducing the “know-do gap”;
  • Globally: CCGHR’s work through its Capacity Development programs will contribute to enhanced global knowledge about reducing inequities in health;
  • The Coalition itself: in realizing the above outcomes, the Coalition will achieve strengthened organizational capacity to promote global health research.

Capacity development programs and activities include:


Special interest resource groups associated with the Capacity Development programs contribute to the Coalition’s web-based resources under the headings of: capacity development, learning, mentorship and leadership development. This is “work in progress”, beginning with a Resource Group on Mentorship. Please visit our Resources section for more information.


Jill Allison:
Shafi Bhuiyan:

To learn more about how to become involved in any of the above programs, please contact the co-chairs.