Research Fairness Initiative: Improving partnerships through transparency

The RFI is a system that works on 3 domains covering the full research partnership cycle. Guidelines are improvement focused, rather than being a score-card. Over time the RFI will come to provide a global learning platform where we can begin to see what the best practices are, and where there may be gaps at the institutional, national and global levels. Read more >


Q & A with Stephanie Nixon

On the importance of self-reflection as a global health practitioner, how global health work is done at home, and issues of oppression and privilege. Interview by the CCGHR SYPN Professional Development Team. Read more >

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Join Us at the 2018 CCGHR Student Forum at McMaster

The 5th edition of this student-led event will be held Saturday, March 10. Organized by our CCGHR student chapters from Waterloo, Brock, York and McMaster, the forum will have a number of unique speakers and workshops, a simulation event, as well as an art exhibit. Travel bursaries available! Read more >