In 2011, the CCGHR board of directors launched an institutional membership initiative, in response to the increasing interest across Canada in global health as an evolving field of scholarship undefined both in the production of new knowledge (research) and in the application of knowledge (knowledge translation) for education, policy development, program management and community development. The board decided to begin this initiative with Canadian universities. To date, twenty two (22) universities have joined as CCGHR institutional members, constituting a “University Advisory Council” (UAC). The UAC steering committee is chaired by Professor Jennifer Hatfield of the University of Calgary.

Representatives from these universities have met on four occasions, most recently at a workshop in Ottawa on October 26th, just prior to the 2013 Canadian Conference on Global Health. At this event, representatives of member institutions reviewed the “added value” of membership; these can be summarized under three categories:

  1. Advocacy: speaking with a unified voice to promote global health research;
  2. Mentorship and leadership: with a particular focus on the next generation of global health researchers in this relatively new field of scholarship;
  3. Connections: pro-actively bringing institutions together around a common purpose where previously no systematic links had been in place.

Currently the following universities are CCGHR institutional members (listed from west to east):

The CCGHR board is exploring the possibility of extending the institutional membership initiative to civil society organizations (non-governmental organizations).

For further information, please contact Roberta Lloyd, Communication and Membership Officer