Inviting faculty to contribute to our research training partnership with CARTA


The CCGHR has been a Northern Partner in the Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA) for a number of years.  The program involves intensive seminars for graduate Fellows, spaced strategically during their PhDs. Faculty facilitators from a variety of disciplines and institutions across the globe are recruited to provide expertise on early development of research and writing skills, critical appraisal and analysis, research question and methods development, data management and analysis, thesis completion and publishing, and grant writing.

CCGHR members can join a pool of potential facilitators for those seminars (2-4 Canadian faculty recruited/year), generally for one-week periods in February, August or November (in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria or South Africa). We are currently looking for a facilitator with a background in epidemiology, public health and/or qualitative studies for a workshop that will be taking place in Nairobi from September 25 to 29. Please send your CV to Jill Allison, Program Director at and Madeleine Bélanger Dumontier, Project Officer at by April 24 if you are interested.

In addition you can provide very valuable assistance by agreeing to become a peer reviewer (6-8 Canadian faculty recruited/year) and engage with fellows as they build their literature reviews and write their proposals. Such opportunities at a distance involve a smaller time commitment but are crucial in developing solid skills and potential mentorship relationships for future engagement. If you are interested in becoming part of this collaboration we would be delighted to hear from you, just write us at and let us know how you could contribute.