Funded by the International Development Research Centre as part of the Gathering Perspectives Studies, the CCGHR responded to members’ calls for supports in navigating a changing funding landscape. In this collection of stories, members share insights from their experiences in working as part of multinational partnerships, seeking funds from international donors, and being competitive as a global health researcher applying for funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Each story explores how teams overcame a particular challenge, extending wisdom and innovations about how others might learn from their experience.

This collection is intended to support researchers new to global health research, including graduate students, junior faculty, or those who are otherwise new to doing global health research. They could serve as the foundation for individual or collective capacity to successfully navigate funding possibilities in Canada and beyond. They are an opportunity to think through how we can honour our commitment to equity in an important and practical aspect of doing global health research.

For teachers and learners, we recommend considering these stories in combination with the CCGHR Principles for Global Health Research. Each story includes a set of beginning questions that can be extended by applying the six principles of authentic partnering, shared benefits, inclusivity, commitment to the future, responsiveness to causes of inequities, and humility.

We welcome your thoughts on these stories and invite you to share your comments with us! Perhaps you too believe you have an experience of funding that you think would serve as a valuable case for others’ learning. Please use the comment box below, or email us with your thoughts at: 

The Gathering Perspectives Working Group would like to gratefully acknowledge the facilitative leadership and direction provided by Vic Neufeld and Abigail Speller in the development of each of these stories.

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