Developing the Next Generation of Researchers in Africa


The 2017 Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA) Graduate Workshop took place in Nairobi, Kenya the last week of September 2017. CARTA, established in 2008, is a south-south partnership of nine universities and four research institutes, collaborating with six northern partner institutions (including CCGHR). Since 2008, CARTA has helped to develop research capacity and leadership at the individual and institutional level to retain active researchers at African universities who can then support further capacity development for research and lead institutional change.

The purpose of the September 2017 workshop was to equip post-doctoral early career researchers to develop a successful and substantial proposal for a personal award to support their research or a research grant or large project they will lead.

Volunteering to build capacity

Taking part in this workshop were 14 early career researchers (11 from Africa and 3 from the West). They were supported by a number of volunteer facilitators from various universities in Africa and the West, including two CCGHR-affiliated Canadian facilitators: Susan Bondy, PhD from University of Toronto and Elizabeth Dyke, PhD, an independent health and social development consultant.


The five-day workshop was a practical opportunity for early career researchers to learn from each other as well as from more experienced researchers, and develop a funding proposal. The first full three days were spent developing the proposals, and then drafts were sent to volunteer peer reviewers from around the world. Reviewers provided comments 24 hours later so that the researchers could improve their grant proposals. Thank you to all the reviewers for your participation!

“Pop-up sessions” led by various facilitators provided participants opportunities to learn more about writing research objectives, developing budgets, and considering ethics, among other topics.

If you are interested in being a peer reviewer for CARTA in the future, please contact CCGHR at for information about joining our volunteer pool of reviewers (members only, join here!).