The CCGHR Global Health Forum Presents: 

The 1st Annual 

Student Chapter Pitch Competition

The CCGHR Students and Young Professionals Network (SYPN) is excited to announce the FIRST annual Global Health Pitch Competition. The pitch competition provides the opportunity for SYPs and student chapter members to:

  1. Apply their global health knowledge and skills in a creative, problem-solving environment through the development and presentation of a 3-minute pitch.
  2. Strengthen and build the capacity of the SYPN by contributing to the CCGHR’s 2016-2017 fundraising campaign.






To be eligible you must be a member of a CCGHR Student Chapter. Students from both established student chapters (University of Toronto, McMaster University, University of Waterloo, Brock University, University of British Columbia, University of Calgary) and chapters in development (York University, Western University, Guelph University) are eligible to enter this competition. Each team should consist of 2-4 members. Inter-disciplinary teams are highly encouraged. Please note: if you are interested in entering this competition, but aren’t a member of a student chapter, send us an email at and we can help put you in touch with the student chapter at your school!

The pitched idea or concept must be the original work of the team pitching it.

Ideas and concepts deemed by the Student and Young Professional Network (SYPN) Executive committee to be inappropriate, insincere, offensive or unoriginal may be screened and disqualified.

NOTE: The SYPN Executive committee has the sole discretion to disqualify and/or remove any team for any reason that it deems appropriate before and/or during the pitch competition for violation of these rules. All decisions regarding an individual team’s removal and/or disqualification from the pitch competition are final. 


Student teams will electronically pitch their original idea to address a global health challenge associated with climate change. The three (3) teams with the highest scores will take the stage at the 4th Annual CCGHR Global Health Forum on February 11, 2017 to pitch their original idea to an audience of global health experts, professors, fellow students and, community leaders.

To be entered in the competition, teams must submit the following information to the CCGHR SYPN Executive ( along with their 3-minute recorded video pitch: 1) Team name and institution; 2) Team member contact information; 3) Faculty and year of study for each team member; 4) A one-sentence description of the problem you’ve chosen to address for your pitch.

The 3-minute video you submit should creatively outline a climate change related health problem, and your solution to that challenge. Please see Appendix A for some problem suggestions (Please note: these topic ideas are provided as suggestions, and by no means represent the diversity of topics available to you. If you have a climate change related problem in mind that is not listed here, go for it! We’ve left the ‘pitch problem’ broad to encourage creativity and inter-disciplinary thinking, and hope that you embrace this structure in your pitch).

Need help with creating your video? The “Tips for Your Video Pitch” guide produced by the BioMimicry Global Design Challenge has lots of great tips and advice. Visit to download their guide!

Once you have submitted the above information, and your 3-minute pitch, the SYPN executive will provide you with fundraising instructions and a GoFundMe link that you can share with your friends and family for the scoring component. Uploading instructions to YouTube are listed below (APPENDIX B). Remember, the earlier you submit your pitch, the more time you have to collect donations – this means the more points you can score!



Scoring of pitches will be done using a two point system. This means that 50% of your score will be determined by the SYPN executive team and 50% will be based on money funded through the GoFundMe.

The SYPN Executive team will judge teams on scientific evidence, innovation of solution, clarity and creativity during delivery and feasibility of implementation strategies. Analysis and recommendations should be presented in a systems thinking approach that clearly and concisely covers all criteria.

Donations collected from GoFundMe will be converted to points via a gradient system. This means that the team with the most funding will get full 100% (50 points), 2nd team will get 90% (45 points) 3rd team will get 80% (40 points) available. Teams with the three highest combined scores (from SYPN judges and GoFundMe donations) will get the opportunity to present at the 4th Annual Student Global Health Forum. Please note: regardless of placing, all submitted video pitches will be showcased at the 4th Annual Global Health Forum.


Donations will be put towards the CCGHR SYPN, enhancing the SYPN Executive Committee’s capacity to:

  • Support the development and growth of CCGHR Student Chapters across Canada

  • Facilitate the creation of in-person events and conferences that provide students and young professionals with the opportunity to develop the necessary connections and competencies required to succeed in global health

  •  Develop online resources and tools to assist SYPs with career planning, networking, grant writing, monitoring and evaluation, and other relevant global health skills

  • Much more!


The top two pitch teams, as selected by judges and their supporters, will receive the following:

1st place: Career development consultation session with one of the CCGHR’s senior SYPN Executives, the opportunity to discuss your 3-minute pitch idea with Canada’s youth delegate to the 2017 World Health Assembly, free tickets to the CCGHR forum for all team members

2nd place: Free tickets to the CCGHR forum for all team members


  • Teams will have until February 1st, 2017 to prepare their pitch and upload it on YouTube.

  • Finalists for the competition will be announced February 6th, 2017.
  • Teams will present their pitches live at the forum on February 11th, 2017.
  • Your video will be showcased at the forum regardless of placing.

Have questions about the pitch competition? We’re all ears! Please direct any inquiries regarding the competition to the SYPN executive at


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