Strategic Directions: 2015-2019

Strategic Goal

“To promote better and more equitable health worldwide through the production and use of knowledge”

This over-arching goal encompasses the following strategic directions and program priorities:

1. Capacity Building Program

Goal: Strengthen the capacities of global health researchers, institutions and systems

The Coalition works actively to develop capacities to undertake relevant research and also to manage, share, translate and use knowledge. We focus on “catalyst competencies” — a Coalition term for those skills within the research process beyond those necessary to undertake the research itself. These include: learningmentorship and leadershipknowledge translation; and partnering and networking.

Activities in this program area include:

2. Advocacy and Policy Influence Program

Goal: Develop and promote mechanisms to influence the policy process

Since its launch in 2003 the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research  has carried out a variety of policy and advocacy activities. The strategic priorities of the Advocacy and Policy Influence program are threefold: to mobilize greater investment and involvement in global health research in Canada and globally through deployment of effective communication and advocacy efforts; to continue development and deployment of effective knowledge translation tools; and to play a key knowledge brokering role by bringing together key actors around particular issues of importance in global health research.

Activities in this program area include:

  • Knowledge Translation: enhance and update previously developed knowledge translation tools to ensure their relevance to current and emerging global health issues, as well as to increase learning and practice opportunities.
  • Knowledge Brokering: convening dialogues, both in Canada and in LMICs, that bring together key stakeholders around current and emerging global health research issues.
  • Global Health Research Advocacy: foster and support dialogues among key actors on current and emerging global health issues, and advocate for Canada’s role in global health.

3. Governance and Sustainability Program

The governance and sustainability program aims to help the Coalition become an effective contributor to global health research in Canada and beyond. The program ensures the Coalition has in place fully representative membership, governance structures, secretariat and revenue streams that maximize opportunities to carry out all planned activities and achieve the identified organizational objectives.

Activities in this program area include:

  • Organizational changes to the Board of Directors
  • Membership structure assessments
  • Promotional strategies for membership
  • Revenue generation projects

CCGHR Strategic Plan