Coalition report to inform CIHR/IDRC strategic plan on global health

Between March 28 and May 14, seven “external” consultation events were held by the CCGHR involving 105 participants representing a mix of seasoned global health researchers, junior faculty, graduate students and young professionals with global health expertise. Locations included Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, London, Saskatoon, St John’s and a SYPN virtual consultation. Read more >


Climate change is only one driver: lessons from Cape Town’s water crisis

Join our May 31 webinar with Dr Kevin Winter, Chair of the University of Cape Town Water Task Team and a member of the Water Resilience Advisory Committee, which provides advice to the city’s Water Resilience Task Team set up in response to the current drought. This crisis will test the ability of citizens to adapt to an urban environment characterized by significant socio-economic and health risks. Read more >

Student Forum 2018 Thumbnail

CREATE-ing space to discuss mental health in Kenya

This is the second blog in our series emerging from the CCGHR’s 4th annual SYP Forum. In this piece, Stephanie Huff shares her experience at the event, and how it helped her to contextualize her doctoral global health research in rural Kenya. Read more >