Launching Webinar Series on Health Impacts of Climate Change

Entitled “Building Climate Resilience in the Caribbean: A Health Lens,” this one-hour webinar with Lyndon Forbes-Robertson, Head of Environmental Health and Sustainability at the Caribbean Public Health Agency, will share lessons learned. Corinne Schuster-Wallace from our Working Group on the Health Impacts of Climate Change will provide a Canadian perspective on this critical topic. Read more >


Top 5 Essential Global Health Reads

Are you in need of some global health guidance or are looking to be inspired? These vital global heath articles will get you thinking, enhance your practice, and motivate you to work toward a more equitable healthy world. Read more >


Research Fairness Initiative: Improving partnerships through transparency

The RFI is a system that works on 3 domains covering the full research partnership cycle. Guidelines are improvement focused, rather than being a score-card. Over time the RFI will come to provide a global learning platform where we can begin to see what the best practices are, and where there may be gaps at the institutional, national and global levels. Read more >